Why do I need a Surveyor
Why have a boat surveyed ?

The boat may be reasonably new or well maintained and you may question the necessity of a survey. To that I say "caveat emptor" "Let the buyer beware".

A boat is the equivalent of a small town. It has a Sewerage plant, Power plant, Electrical, Water, Entertainment and Communications systems, as well as Housing for all the occupants. It is responsible for keeping everyone safely afloat. It takes knowledge and experience to maintain and inspect all the components that make up this town.

You may have considered having a boatie or mechanically minded friend look at the boat for you. Although they may specialise in one area they may have little knowledge in another.

Buying a boat is an emotional purchase, the purchaser may have a skewed judgment of the boat they are buying. Employing the services of a Surveyor will bring aboard a second pair of eyes, unencumbered by emotion. A surveyor has a wealth of knowledge and equipment, without the rose-colored glasses. He will have the benefit of seeing things the buyer may not and will asess things from a complete knowledge base.

A boat survey is used to ensure that you know what you are getting, and potentially what you are not getting, for your hard earned money. It provides an educated and unbiased opinion on the condition of a boat and how suitable it is for your use.

Don't risk your 2nd or 3rd largest purchase of your life. You wouldn't buy a car without a roadworthy, you wouldn't buy a house without a building inspection.

Make sure you get your boat surveyed, for your peace of mind, before taking the family out boating.

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